Jackpot, the betting game

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Jackpot, the betting game

Post by Luffy on Wed May 16, 2018 7:04 pm

Hello, everyone,

I am really proud to announce our newest feature to Crossroadz. This feature is called "Crossroadz Jackpot" and here's how it works:

  1. Each member has a profile field named CRM (Crossroadz Money).
  2. By default, all members have 1000 CRM added to their profile.
  3. Every week, the Jackpot opens for three days, which means 72 hours. To be exact, The Jackpot will be open every Sunday, at 17:00 pm (Game Time) and will be closed on Wednesday, at 17:00 pm (Game Time).
  4. On Sunday, as soon as the Jackpot opens, you will see the Jackpot Icon on the top left corner next to the Logo, appear. The icon will remain there until the Jackpot is closed.
  5. Once the Jackpot is open, each member is allowed to bet their CRM.
  6. The betting is 1000 CRM by default.
  7. In the Jackpot page, you will be able to press the Bet button based on the CRM you have at that moment. Example: If you have 5000 CRM you can press the Bet button up to 5 times. If you have 1000 CRM you can only bet one time.
  8. You don't have to bet the entire amount of your CRM. You can bet as much as you wish to.
  9. Be aware: Once you've completed your betting, you will not be able to bet again. Example: If you have bet 2000 CRM and you still have 3000 CRM, once you bet your first 2000 CRM you will not be able to bet again until next Sunday afternoon.
  10. Each time you bet you increase your chances on winning. For each 1000 CRM you bet, you give yourself 1 spot in the Generator.
  11. After the Jackpot closes, on Thursday, at 17:00 pm (Game Time), Luffy will enter the Generator, recording his every move, to reveal the winner of the Jackpot.
  12. The player the Generator picks, will win the entire CRM that was in the Bet bank, based on how many players bet and how much they bet.
  13. At the end of the week, everyone, who have bet, will have their 1000 CRM restored to their profile and the winner will remain with the winning CRM to his profile.

This is how the Jackpot works. Now all your betting will be posted to a topic that will be created for this purpose. Now, as many of you may wonder, there's no use for this because the CRM have nothing to do with the CRC we use in the game. Well, they have something to do with these CRC after all.

Each member is allowed to exchange the CRM he has on his profile with CRC. For every 1000 CRM you have over the starting 1000 CRM on your profile you can exchange them for 100 CRC. That means that you can only exchange whatever you win and whenever you want to. The default 1000 CRM are not exchangeable. Example: If you have 5000 CRM to your profile you can exchange them for 400 CRC as you only have 4000 CRM added over the 1000 CRM that was added to your profile by default.

I hope you all like this new feature of Crossroadz. And just to let everyone know, the Bettings will begin this Sunday, May 20, 2018, at 17:00 pm (Game Time).

Good bets and enjoy!


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